silicon valley kicks ass.

Can we talk about how much I love living here? this place never ceases to amaze me. i walk down university avenue without even appreciating its amazingness. it's a beautiful place. and it's the epicenter of this revolution that is going on *right now*. the recovery is in progress. i will be in the middle of it. i never want to leave this place. it's amazing.

mike and i went into palo alto this morning to get bagels, and we walked up and down university. i've actually started to notice the comeback that the newsweek article mentions - the cool little circular store that's been empty for months is now becoming a store. it's got badass office chairs in it. (*drool*... yes, i'm a product design major)... anyway, yeah, i love palo alto.

despite the fact that university avenue has like 7 oriental rug stores. how the hell can one street, five blocks, support 7 oriental rug stores? they must be a front for some sort of shady underground operative.

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