most bizarre dream last night... very discombobulated. things it involved: me, people from my high school, people from branner, a train (i think), me attempting to do pirouettes, (and, strangely enough, succeeding), some guy asking me in japanese whether the amazon river was longer than china, me answering: "anoo, shichiji han goro yo." (it's about 7:30), some guy grabbing my ass, and the realization that i was not indeed wearing any pants. also involved was me trying to pour several things full of coins into a box about the size of a deck of cards, noticing that some of the coins were blue and red and gold, the decision that these must be MTV2 coins because they were colored, and me wandering a mall, walking into an electronics store to grab kevin christopher because i'd lost him (i think he was my brother in the dream) and having sagar (who seemed to work at the store) tell me he'd gone through the gloves (yes, gloves at an electronics store; it was quite the selection) and hadn't found any i'd like. i also seem to remember giving people the finger a lot. everyone kept making fun of me.


now, if only i could write my paper that quickly and easily. :P

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