good old fashioned blog post.

it's dead week. which doesn't mean that there is nothing to do, no classes to attend, etc, because it's time to study. no, actually, at stanford this means that you die. because all the teachers load you up with assignments, like 10 page papers and problem sets and homework. it's a great time of year.

so i'm pretty much drained, physically and emotionally. last week took a lot out of me, and even though there's been a weekend between then and now, i'm pretty pooped. i just want to shut the world out for about a week and ignore everyone but myself. well, i suppose that's what spring break is for. i think i'll spend that one in my room, with headphones on, playing computer games. or perhaps designing my new blog template.

also one of those random urges i got the other day was to take up jewelrymaking. earrings out of silver wire and shit. also perhaps like, making big chunky rings out of silver and machining them until they are really pretty. it's too bad stanford doesnt' offer a jewelrymaking class, and also too bad that i didn't get off my high ap horse while i was in high school and take the damn course. that would have been pretty fucking cool.

so perhaps i'll do some of that over spring break. yeah. and sit in my room with headphones on. and shut out the world.

mmm, that will be a nice break. it's too bad that i have a week of death and a week of finals between me and it. :P

i have a package waiting for me at the post office. yay!

"tuesday's coming, did you bring your coat?"
"i live in a giant bucket!"

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