for some reason i feel strangely fine, even though i have a math exam in about 2 and a half hours, and i know relatively nothing about said math exam. i nearly had a breakdown earlier today, while working on my paper, but for some reason, having turned in my paper has lifted a great weight from my chest and now i am no longer concerned about math. which is probably a bad thing. i need a nap, really. or else caffeine. or a combination of both. if the exam is at 7, then i should eat dinner right at 5:30 and cram afterward. it's doable, definitely. ah, math. how do i loathe thee? let me count the ways...
1, 2, 3.14159....... which reminds me, i've discovered a new irrational number that i love: the golden ratio, 1.618... *shrug* perhaps i need sleep. or caffeine. or to study for math. yes. study for math time now.

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