sigh. another hectic spring break day. hmm, interesting that i started my last post with an exact opposite remark.

today was really long. it started when jamie and i went up to the high school for a campus chat. we had about 6 people total come visit and find out about stanford.. but it was still fun. between lunches we wandered the halls and talked to teachers and kids. it was a good time. i saw a bunch of my friends, which was cool. the interesting part of the visit was when georgette came up to me and told me a sad story about tyler not wanting to go to prom unless he had a date that was a really good friend with him. she said that he'd mention how cool it'd be "if kat could come down"... so she asked me if i could do that. i doubt it'll happen, but hell, if she could like take up a collection from their group of friends ("fly kat down to prom!") and pay for more than about half of my ticket i'd be game... oh, but wow, i'd forgotten how hard that poor kid was crushing on me. he seemed positively delighted to see me. i went to the band banquet with him last year, and he seemed to be soo excited to be in my company the whole night... who knows. i feel bad for him for not having a date, but it's really not my problem. nor is it my prom. if it costs me less than $100 i could do it, i suppose.

i just got home from work. the whole time i was there i was thinking about how much i should blog the thoughts that go through my head while i'm there. it's too bad they're gone by the time i get back... the only one i can think of right now is something like this. "Oh, this song. ... I haven't heard this song in awhile. ... not since i was working here last year. ... oh, this song is by celine dion. ... oh, i remember now, it's a good thing i haven't heard this song in awhile. ... gaaah, make it stop! i don't care about what you're whining about right now celine! fuck off! aaauuughh!" mmmm, yeah that's me thinking at work.

tonight is carrie's band concert... it's in fucking birdville. i don't want to ride down there. gaah. :P oh well. i suppose i can deal. it's just that i'm missing jamie's mom's cooking, which is really good, so it sucks that i'm missing it. mmm. oh well, i suppose i'll survive.

now, after having stared at computer screens for the past 3 hours, i think i'm going to go somewhere where i don't have to look at something less than 2 feet from my eyes. i doubt i'll be online much tonight due to band events and will coming home... a good thing for my poor eyes, i'm sure (i left my glasses at home.. i'm totally wearing them now, but earlier was hard on my eyes so i need these now. gaah.) okay, enough blog. eyes rest time now. :P

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