I think i've decided in the past couple weeks or so to be a product design major. perhaps i've just been inspired by the new imac and have been thinking a whole lot about the way aesthetics play into the functionality of a gadget. Jamie told me that she read somewhere that girls are more aroused by gadgets than by flowers... how true it is. I'm also working on a project for my language and gender in japan seminar about marketing in japan and the way cellphones are much more targeted to specific audiences (they come in pastel pink) in japan than in the us... i wonder if this is a result of "kawaii" culture or if it comes from the same cultural aspect or what. it should make for an interesting paper.

but anyway, i'm thinking about taking intro to design next quarter as my 4th class. it's required for the product design major, and is only 3 units, and sounds like a generally good time. i was going to take ME101 next quarter, but i think that having ME and PWR at the same time would be just too much. so i'll shop art 60 (intro to design) and a physics class and see which i should take.

oh, dammit. i just looked up art 60... it's only offered in the autumn. :( maybe ME120 (History and philosophy of design)? or ME110A (design sketching)? hmm. this is entertaining. screw studying, i'm gonna go play with the bulletin.

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