last night, i finally saw "rejected". it's funny. see the screenshot? little guy goes "my spoon is too big!" (pause) "my Spoon is Too Big!" (pause) "MAH SPOON IS TOOOO BIG!!" (pause) (banana walks on screen) (pause) (pause) (pause) "I am a banana!" weeeee! so, yeah. that was highly entertaining.

after that, mike and i cohoed it up. i got a lot of ihum read. then we went to monday night flomo dance, which was a lot of fun. i should do that more often. then i went to the gym and worked out with becky. it was a lot of fun.

now, however, i'm feeling "aaaack" again... japanese is sneaking up on me to kick my ass. we have a skit due friday... that's an "aaack." i have a problem set due in math on thursday, but i have vagina monologues tomorrow night and tonight other stuff. there's another "aaack." in my seminar i have to start thinking about my final project. that's an 8 to 10 page paper. aaaack. i have ihum section this afternoon. ew. we get our midterms back in math today. yikes. grrrr. this week is shaping up to suck pretty bad. why didn't i do anything this weekend??

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