i need to find some time to go shopping for a dress for viennese ball. mom sent my prom dress, which i got today... it still zips, but i understand why 19th century women fainted so often. so, yeah. i need a new one.

i really should go to the gym tonight.

i feel horrendously full after a meal which consisted of a salad, some fruit, and a slice of cherry pie. i wonder why.

i want to go read somewhere. i should go to the library or the coho. that'd be cool. hmm. branner feud meeting at 6:30, probably over about 7 or 7:15. from there i could go read at the coho, then work out, then go dancing. or coho, dancing, work out. depending on what is up with becky. i also really need to do laundry. *sigh* too much non-school stuff this week. but hey, that's cool. better than midterms.

aaack, the branner newsletter never got published last week. i'm a bad, bad secretary.

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