i think that perhaps one of the most beautiful things a person can witness is a sunrise. it's truly magical. most of us miss them, we go to bed too early and get up too late to watch them. i had the opportunity to watch the sky grow light this morning - it was amazing. everything is dark, and you can't make out where the buildings end and the sky starts, until slowly but surely parts of the black turn to dark, dark blue. the sky gradually gets lighter and lighter. this morning it was overcast, so the world started to turn a grey-blue color. hints of light blue started to peek through the cloudiness and were hidden again. the sunrise wasn't so spectacular, really, it was just something i hadn't experienced in awhile. it was really nice to see one again.

i suppose the last time i watched the sun rise was this summer, during my commute to work. i would leave the house when it was barely that dark blue-orange color, and my office was east of my home, so i would watch the sun peek above the horizon every morning. it was especially interesting to see the way the place the sun rose from changed from day to day and week to week. but truly magical was watching the brilliant orange globe slowly peep over the horizon and then climb in the sky. it was really a cool thing to watch.

i'm glad i stayed up this morning to watch the sunrise. i needed it.

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