mmm, blog time.

today was valentine's day... it was good. i enjoyed the day. last night was the vagina monologes... very good performance. i definitely enjoyed it. today i hung out with mikey (of course...)... we went to gelato and pearl milk tea and coho. it was like, weee! cubed. that was cool. skit tomorrow in japanese... i think i know my lines well enough.

so about 10 minutes ago i spilled an entire glass of water all over my desk. fortunately my computer is propped up a quarter-inch by stacks of post-its, because i figured out that lack of air circulation beneath it was causing the overheating/shutting down problem. so i took care of that. so, it was safe during the flood. my mouse got hit, but it seems to work fine. unfortunately it killed the card that mikey made for me (i think i salvaged it) and the card my mommy sent me, which was drawn by an 11-year-old with cancer. and my mousepad got wet, but it's fine. it'll dry. same with my jeans. eh, oh well. i'll survive.

tomorrow, no classes until 1:15. yaaaaay! if it's nice, i'll spend the late morning in the hammock that michelle (props!) so kindly put up outside. if not, then i'll compulsively clean the room. this weekend, i only have one roommate, because heather's going to the california democratic convention. that should be a good time... i wish i had time to go. but, instead, i get to go to the city on saturday with mikey! yaaaay! (:

okay. more water maintenance, then some cleaning, then bed.

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