weeeee for random trips to in'n'out. about 2 hours ago i decided that i wanted to go to in'n'out. so mike drove me to in'n'out. i got a cheeseburger, animal style. it was yummy. it was my first trip to in'n'out. i definitely approve of their burgers. also their menu has 4 food items on it: double-double, hamburger, cheeseburger, fries. then drinks and shakes. i like the simplicity. i also like the randomness of the trip.

mulholland pointed out that i hadn't blogged about last night. so i suppose i will. last night was "screw your roommate." which involves setting your roommate up on a blind date. but since i have mikey, i decided to forgo the blind and just go for the date. we set up kevin with michelle from downstairs. so mikey and kevin and michelle and i went to the creamery for dinner and then to the dance. there was a reception first, at which i played bartender. that was really fun. i got to serve up beer and pear cider and hard lemonade. really entertaining. i got to see a lot of people and distribute happiness in the form of a red cup. then we had a dance. the dance was a lot of fun... just chilling and dancing. weee! (: all in all, a good night.

now, i have to decide what to do tonight.

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