Ohh, it's another gorgeous day here at stanford... i can't handle being indoors. i've been out here on the lawn in front of branner for almost an hour and a half now. it's so beautiful... not a single cloud in the sky, green grass, warm (probably in the mid-70's)... a bit of a mild breeze... i finished agamemnon about a half-hour ago and am now studying japanese. greek tragedies suck. they're hard to understand, and once you understand them, they're depressing.

most of the fun of studying outside is not the studying but watching people come and go. it's really interesting. a few hours ago a bunch of early high-schoolers schlepped by carrying bags that said "raytheon" on them - probably some sort of high school visitation program. entertaining, though.

a couple of minutes michelle lee came outside and set up a hammock under the magnolia closest to me. that looks comfortable. i wish i had a hammock... keeps you off the moist ground, which tends to be lumpy and hard as well. ah well - i have my blanket to lay on.

okay, back to nihongo... vocab quiz on monday... :P

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