new screenshot. yaaaaaay! i am a banana! my spoon is too big! hopefully i'll actually *see* this short sometime soon...

in other news, (long-ass pause) i don't really have anything else to say. umm... yeah. busy week coming up in terms of non-school stuff. not so much school stuff really, a lot of ihum reading and a problem set and japanese hw, but no midterms or papers due. thank god. but extracurriculars - a lot. tonight, a couple meetings about dorm-related stuff - branner yearbook, planning for branner feud - and then flomo dance. tomorrow, there's a one-act in the lounge at 8:30, a PAA study break at 10, a house gov meeting at 11. wednesday there's a majors fair and then vagina monologues at 10. thursday is v-day. don't know if i have plans for that yet, eh. also champagne and chocolate in the roble lounge that night. that'll be good. and then it's friday again. shit. how does that happen?

maybe this weekend mike and i will go into the city. yaaaaay!

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