ahh, another day of not going to IHum lecture. someday, this will catch up on me. not today, though. :P

It's been awhile since I've posted. Let's see... yesterday was pretty normal. the weather was beyond gorgeous. it's like that again today, but a tad bit hazier... still, in the 70's in february! it makes me happy to think that i could get a sunburn in february. (:

mikey's feeling a bit under the weather... :( hopefully it's nothing worse than strep throat (god forbid he have mono!!!!!) and it'll clear up in a few days. hopefully that "few days" will be before Viennese. i'm not going to think about that right now. (:

list of shit kat has to do:

  • japanese vocab quiz tomorrow

  • math problem set due thursday

  • math midterm thurs. night

  • ihum paper due tuesday

  • ihum discussion to lead next thursday

  • seminar discussion to lead next wednesday

  • seminar paper presentation sometime in the next week and a half

  • have a mental breakdown

aaaaaaack. and doooooom.


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