wow, today has been one of my worst days in awhile. it started with the cockroach this morning. i woke up at about 1:30 to a cockroach creeping across my arm. it was going away from my body - makes ya wonder where it had already been. yeeecccchh. so i didn't fall asleep again until 3 'cause i just couldn't. then i got up at 9 'cause my car was ready at the shop. took it back into the kwik kar to get another inspection - wee. failed again. gah. i love my car so much i take its failures as my own. needless to say that upset me. anyway when i got home i had to tear my freaking room apart and spray cockroach stuff *everywhere*. in tearing it apart i seem to have unleashed the wrath of the dust bunny, because what ensued is the WORST allergy attack i have had in memory. i'm still sneezing. and this started at like 11 this morning. *sigh* i hate to think what it would be like for me right now if i hadn't taken a dayhist before i left for work... i'm soooo sneezy it's ridiculous. gah. and i took vivarin to counteract the antihistamine and so i'm all jittery and tired. sigh. bleh. make it stop.

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