WOW i need to do this. i think it's an addiction at this point... i cna't breath if i can't blog. anyway, i'm in seattle. lovely seattle, washington. spent the day driving halfway across said state to meet my aunt and uncle for a picnic in vantage, wa. that was exciting. lots of food. lots of food. the columbia river. stuff like that. it was cool.

it just occurred to me that a lot has happened in my life since i've blogged. i've moved out of california. i've also had the week of my life, prior to that moveout. i've got someone new in my life. i've been in three states in less than a week. i've seen my entire extended family on one side and almost everyone on the other side. i've only slept alone in a room once in the last two weeks. it's odd how you think you're stagnating when you're out of school but really you're not - you're changing more than ever. all the shit that's gone down since i finished finals is making my head spin. maybe it's for the best that i'll be in texas in less than a week (i started to write "home" there and then i realized that's not accurate. i'll be at my parent's house, yes, but i still feel like california is home.) or maybe it's not, but it's happening anyway and i've accepted it, i suppose.

i've been getting daily updates on what's going down in the house, which is nice, 'cause i really miss it and all its inhabitants, and they only make me wish more that i was there. curse that stupid princeton review bitch. *sigh*

righto, i'm rambling. well, there's my blog. hey, that could be in the lord's prayer... "give us this day our daily blog, and forgive us our forgotten updates, as we forgive those who forget to update." coolness. ok. rambling end now.

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