so last night was my third night of work. yay. it was exciting. i waited on a huge table of soccer parents. yay. they drank a lot, which was cool, and i got a substantial tip (though not enough for the amount of work i did). this morning we took my car back into the swedish motors place to fix something else, hopefully that will make it able to pass the emissions test. i think we're going to sell it at the end of the summer anyway. i might buy a early 90's civic or something to replace it. blah, i dont like the thought of that. but i'm not going to be able to take the volvo out to california 'cause it wouldn't make it and the rear differential is about to go out too. yay. that's a shitload of money. blah. but i have some money put away that i might be able to use to buy something else and take to school... i'm going to thinnk about that for a while.

in the meanwhile i'm going to sit at home and work a thankless job 6 days a week for barely minimum wage for the rest of the summer. yay. only 56 days now until i can move into my dorm though...

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