wee... i just love it when cars fail the state inspection. it's a great feeling, knowing the piece of shit you drive is no longer a *good* piece of shit, but a *polluting* piece of shit. *sigh* they added 2 new tests this year to the inspection, NOx gas emissions and gas cap integrity. yeah, failed both of those. passed the rest of the shit though... and they say i have 15 days to get the shit fixed and bring it back for a free re-inspection, which i suppose is good. but it also means 15 more days of driving aroudn with an inspection sticker that blatantly advertises that it expired in november. yay.

on the upside, i have an interview at chili's today between 2 and 4 (i'll probably go around 3 or a little before) and should either have or not have a job by then. or maybe have a job conditional on passing a drug test. drug tests suck, because just about the only drug that stays in your system for long enough to matter is marijuana. now, it's not like pot is *good* for you, but it's certainly not worse for you than cigarettes or alcohol. in fact it's better for you than alcohol. but that shit stays in your system for 2, 3, maybe even 4 weeks after you smoke up, depending on body weight and THC metabolism and stuff. now hard drugs, they're water-soluble, unlike THC, so they get flushed out of your system in less than a week. that means that someone who smoked pot a month ago is less likely to pass a drug test than someone who snorts cocaine on weekends. how ridiculous is that? (side note: evidently in california, on that spot on the application where it asks if you've ever been convicted of a felony, marijuana-related felonies are not grounds for rejection for hiring. i think that's cool.)

disclaimer: IANAPH (i am not a pothead), but i think that they should have the same rights as smokers and drinkers. stupid fucking laws.

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