it seems that there has been a dearth of blogging in my little blogging circle. everyone must be out and about doing big and important things while i'm just stuck here at home with a shitty job and a huge debt to my parents. in light of the recent blog drought, however, i think it's time to put some fuel on the fire. it's time for the random blog question. (via the topic blog)

who are five celebrities that if you had the chance to hook up, mess around, or just have a fling with, who would they be, and why?

\first i'd have to go with seth green. i've had this weird thing for him ever since i saw him in austin powers 2 several years ago - something about the way he attacked dr. evil for being a bad father. "He put roadkill in my sheets! Your stupid Mini-... YOU!" After that i started watching buffy the vampire slayer pretty religiously, only for his character, oz, the sensitive, sarcastic, laconic werewolf. man, he was sexy in that show. i don't know what it is about him (he's only 5 foot 4 and not really that hot in a conventional way) but i've always been attracted to him. after seth, hmmm.

jason lee. he was so cute in chasing amy, even though he played a character with latent gay tendencies. come to think of it, he was kinda sexy in dogma too, playing all mr. evil and stuff.

justin timberlake. i'm not even going to try to justify that one.

alyson hannigan. probably just because she plays seth green's girlfriend on buffy. but then how freaking sexy was it in american pie when she just goes, "what, you think i don't know how to get myself off?" yeah. hmmm... that's 4. who would #5 be? let's see...

jude law. yes. jude law. his accent... so hot. in gattaca... in AI... yeah. he's hot.

runners-up: heath ledger. ewan mcgregor. hayden christensen. harrison ford. christian bale.

who would be on your list?

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