i just finished a book i found on my mom's bookshelf called the bee season. the book itself was good, but man, did the ending disappoint. it just kind of drifted... the climax was the antithesis of what it was supposed to be... i hate books like that. i need something good to read, a trip to the library or half price books or SOMETHING. a movie, even. anything to stimulate my mind and make time pass.

there's an exhibit opening at the kimbell art museum (in fort worth) on august 17th that i'm really really looking forward to. piet mondrian: the path to abstraction. i'm totally excited. mondrian's exploration of the golden ratio fascinate me for some unknown reason. i think it's my deeply buried obsessive-compulsive side that loves perfection. anyway i'm really excited about that and i'm going to go to the members only preview the day before it opens.

i'm starved for intellectual stimulation. i crave problem sets. i miss discussion sections. i feel my japanese slowly being edged out by sparse spanish. i need something, anything to get my mind off the numbing nothingness of my job and life at home. but more than anything else i need california.

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