this picture makes me think a lot about what i have in california. what's waiting for me there and what i have to look forward to. look at the picture. i see more than just tim. i see tim's personality, i see a beach, i see california. i see alcohol and evidence of friends. and one damn sexy asian boy. that's what i have for me in california, only 55 days away from me.

i really don't like thinking about time as distance, but i can't help it sometimes. thinking about how tim and i are 1500 miles apart is less depressing than thinking about how we're 55 days apart, for some reason. maybe it's because 1500 miles can be traversed in a couple hours and can be accelerated if you really need them to be, whereas 55 days is immutable. also you could travel for 55 days and get almost as far as mars.

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