i'm really getting tired of the job search. the job i have sucks ass, and i want a better one, but i keep getting the run-around from more reputable places. chili's gave me the blowoff yesterday; today it was buca di beppo's turn. i talked to frank, the paisano, who said that he'd love to run me through training... over thanksgiving. and then have me work over christmas. great. that's what i need, frank. exactly what i need. it looks like i'm not going to make any money this summer and will likely spend winter quarter waiting tables instead of going to class. wonderful.

but i suppose if i accept the fact that i'm going to have to stop out now, then if i don't, it'll be a pleasant surprise. yeah right, who am i kidding. my family can't afford to put me through college, and i can't afford to live in california. blah.

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