wow. this weather is gloomy. it's the first rainy day we've had since i got here, over a month ago, and it's also the first day on pacific standard time, so it's double-dark and double-gloomy right now. it threatened rain all day, and finally started to drizzle sometime while i was in calculus lecture. not hard, but dreary. horribly dreary, but refreshing at the same time. it's odd.

cami is in the hospital... she went there last night, something about severe abdominal pain. last i heard they don't know if it's appendicitis, but i just heard shilpa say something about surgery. she'll be fine, i'm sure, but it's still kind of scary, not knowing what's wrong with her. hopefully she'll be home tomorrow.

last night flicks was the exorcist... man, that flick is so freaky. fortunately i was able to push it out of my mind and not freak out while i was trying to sleep. i don't think i'd have been able to make it through the show if it hadn't been for the kid on my left making smartass remarks throughout the movie, and for the mike on my right, who held my hand through the freaky parts. but it was a good movie. i enjoyed it.

this one's for you, jamie.

what an odd day.

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