funny freaking story:
So last night, after we went swing dancing but before we went partying, Mike and I stopped by to chill here for awhile, right, so we were having a bit to drink (not a lot, just a bit)... the lights were off, the christmas lights were on, we were having a nice little... um... calculus studying moment, when there's this knock on the door. I figure it's one of my roommates, knocking to be polite, so I yell, "Come in!" So I get up and open the door, and standing there is my PAA Sagar, with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts... yikes. The look on his face as he realizes that I was indeed making out with one of his acquaintances... then we realize that standing next to Sagar is one of Mike's best friends.... yeah. the two of them just stood there and stared for a minute.... priceless. priceless. That's going on my all-time top 10.

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