productivity of the wrong sort

so today i had a vocab quiz in japanese, and i have an ihum paper due tomorrow... and i stayed up until 2 am... working on my webpage. that's right... i was highly productive, but in the wrong way. unfortunately i bombed the quiz (i think the paper will be okay)... rrgh. i should have started studying for it sooner and studied more... but that's okay... my webpage is updated! i'm currently working on a redesign of the front page, because, well, it sucks right now. i want a more graphical, pretty layout, but i have exactly zero experience with that sort of stuff... so it may be awhile before it's up.

i have to do a fucking problem set for thursday too. god damn it. i hate this "work" thing... :P.

oh well... i'll get over it. i am a college student after all.

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