I know, it's been awhile since I've blogged... once again, too damn busy leading my life to blog about it. My life has been so fucking full... I could just write about my schedule, or I could write a narrative of what I've done since last I blogged... but I think I'll just write what comes to mind.

Hmm. Where to begin. Today, I went to a protest in White Plaza. It was pretty interesting, because there were tons of people there supporting the peace movement, and also a few people who just wanted to call us morons. But there was pretty good support, even though the turnout was about 100 people... it was a neat experience. I wanted to go to the protest in Palo Alto, but I really don't have time, due to the huge amounts of IHum, calculus and japanese I am now avoiding.

Saturday was our scavenger hunt in San Francisco. It really was just a big group of kids roving the city, getting to know it a bit. I had a ton of fun... we took pictures of random shit. I proposed to the guy at FAO Schwartz who wears the toy soldier outfit.... he accepted... so I'm engaged to a toy soldier now. that's kind of cool. The trip was a blast though, and I saw so much of SF... one girl in my group got her nose pierced in the Haight... that was neat. I thought about doing my eyebrow, but decided that the eyebrow barbells they had there were too fat-looking... i don't want something that big through my face. If they had thinner ones I might have done it.

Friday night I got plastered. It wasn't a good experience. I managed to escape puking or somesuch grossness, but I couldn't see straight for awhile. So now, I've made rules for myself. No more beer and/or other malt beverages. No more than two shots in a two-hour period. Get buzzed, have fun, stay sane. (:
Fortunately I didn't blog while I was drunk on friday, or else i would have made a bigger ass of myself than last time...

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