Okay, now my attempt to recover from the blogger eating incident.

But it's not happening. I don't remember the story I told earlier. I remember that it involved Becky totally hitting on a gay guy at a party last night though. Anyway, let's just leave it at that to minimize the beckybarassment.
I think it's probably a bad thing that I consider the weekend to start on wednesday (suiyoobi) nights, and extend through monday(getsuyoobi) nights. That just leaves one night a week for stuff such as "homework ", "studying", and "problem sets". But then, said concepts are certainly overrated, as are "midterms", "papers", and "grades". So... weekend is now wednesday (suiyoobi) through monday (getsuyoobi). Let Tuesday (kayoobi) handle the shit, and give the fun over to the other six days of the week! (Pardon the intrusion of the japanese, but I have a midterm in that class on getsuyoobi, and so I have to study these things.)

But I'm going to be following the rules tonight. The drink rules. The no beer rule. Beer is gross. And the no more than 2 in 2 hours rule. Especially especially around Mike. Because making an ass of yourself in front of certain guys is just not good. Especially when you've been trying so desparately (and apparently succeeding) to make a good impression on said guy. And when it's been a running joke to not see him while I'm sober for something like three straight weeks. That's bad, you know? Drinking is fun, but sobreity is underrated.

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