so why is it that I keep working on my webpage when I know i ought to be doing homework? It's not that i'm ignoring work that needs to be done, everything's getting done, but I could be out having a "life" or something and instead I'm sitting here working on my webpage and editing my winamp playlist. Interesting. But whatever... I'm having a good time, and I'm getting everything done.

Flicks tonight - they canceled Rocky Horror. Evidently the distributor fucked up and it didn't get delivered... I don't know what the story is behind that. but they're showing Scream and the Exorcist, for free, instead, which is kinda cool, if I hadn't already paid for the damn show. Oh well, I think I'll be okay.

Halloween partied last night. It was a lot of fun. Fought off sketchy UCLA students, successfully avoided eating the "brownies" at Synergy, ran into a kid from my profro weekend, and had a good time. My roomies and I were Charlie's Angels, except we didn't stick together the whole night so it didn't look like we were dressed up. Oh well, it was still fun. (:

Weee. I wonder if there are any parties on Wednesday (other than the classic EBF Happy Hour, which is every wednesday night). I'm sure i'll hear about it. Good stuff.

And, I'm almost half done with my calc problem set, even though it's not due until Thursday! I am awesome.

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