so the li'l scooting machine has awoken. i charged up the battery and hooked her back up, and after much labor managed to kick-start it to life. the electrical parts aren't so much working, but the motor, wheels, and brakes were working just fine. the throttle's a bit sticky too. but it's working! the groundskeeper at my apartment building came up to me while i was working on it and said he'd seen a few people kick it over on purpose. people are assholes. but it makes me glad i didn't spend more on it. it's a nice way to get from point a to point b, and will be great for those trips that are just too long/too uphill/with too much to carry for the bike.

my uncle was asking me the other day when i was going to take the test and get my motorcycle certification and get a real bike. it's worth considering... hella impractical in seattle, but then, if i end up in, say, SD for grad school, it could be worthwhile. (hi mom! yes your brother is a bad influence on me!)

ok, time to forage for dinner. me hungry.

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