crazy bitch fight in the apartment next door... details at 11. oh wait it IS 11 and i'm up past my bedtime because of the CRAZY BITCH FIGHT next door. I never knew you could slam the door so many times in one night... if I were a little older or more authoritative i would go out there and lecture them, but something tells me not to do that.

my new neighbors? they suck. when the puppy* isn't crying all night making it difficult to fall asleep, there is a CRAZY BITCH FIGHT! did i mention crazy bitches? good.

i need some earplugs.

* i say "puppy" to reassure myself that they don't have a huge pit bull in there... i have overcome my childhood fear of dogs, for the most part, but my neighbors owning pit bulls and having bitchfights on a regular basis... not what i signed up for.

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