the mountain is out today... i keep staring at it. i think i'm fixated on it, and i won't be able to stop thinking about it until i summit. or at least attempt the summit.

my hand isn't broken, but it still complains if i try to type for more than a few minutes at a time. the doctor said to keep icing it and keep it wrapped, and try to stretch it out... man. not being able to use your right hand = the pits.


Aurea said...

Hey again,

Sorry for the random smattering of comments but... are you planning to summit Ranier??? That's f'n AWESOME! I'm aiming to move in that direction beginning this summer, though I hear our last winter totally wiped out a lot of Ranier's tracks.
Have you summited any other places?

kat said...

Yes... planning on it, but not sure i'm really preparing myself well. I need to get out and start training, but I am so lazy. Yeah, lots of the roads and trails are washed out after our storms this winter... they're working on rebuilding, but many probably won't open this year. But the road to Paradise is open, and that's where most people start their summit attempts: paradise to camp muir, then camp muir to the summit. it's going to be hard, and i'm kind of scared...
Rainier will be my 2nd 14,000+ mountain - the first was White Mountain in CA, but that one was easy because we started out at 12,500 feet. It was just a high-altitude day hike, not really climbing a mountain.