all stocked up on gear

i managed to steal a good bit of backpacking gear from my aunt and uncle last night. i have a backpack, a 3-person, 4-season tent, a sleeping pad, a camping stove, and some other stuff too. hells yeah... i am ready for adventuring.

so i have at least 3 trips coming up in the next 6 weeks... next weekend we're climbing from Paradise to Muir, getting practice with all the ropes and stuff, walking across snow, etc. the weekend after that, i'm going backpacking, probably at the coast, but possibly in the desert, with the Mountaineers. and then on 24-27 june we are going to make a summit attempt on Rainier. hellz yeah!

i want to go backpacking in the Olympics, St. Helens, and maybe the North Cascades before the summer is over.


waking jonas said...

my grandpa climbed to the summit of rainier. he probably told you about it, a couple times.

kat said...

yes, i think he only told me about it once, but i'm sure if i hung out with him more often i could hear the story again... and again