so i've been waffling on whether or not to stay in my current place after graduation - it's not the perfect apartment, and i'm getting kind of lonely on my own, but moving is such a PITA... so I was leaning toward staying, until I got home just now and found a notice on my door...

they're jacking my rent.

not by just a little bit, either. it's going to go up to $850. that's a $100 increase. EIGHT FRACKING FIFTY. do I look like I can afford that?

$850 for a 600-sf, 1br, 1ba, tiny little 1-person apartment. $865 if you include Frida's rent.

no. fracking. way. guess i'll be giving them my notice and looking for somewhere else to live after graduation.



Aurea said...


That totally blows. I don't know how students afford rent; I don't know how I will when I'm in school this Sept. If you ever need a place to crash, just hit me up. I'm currently living in an empty, 2Bdr apartment. Rent is $500 and I'd be happy to kick the jerf moving in out and open my door to you!
Are you graduating next weekend? Congratulations!

kat said...

hmmm... that is very tempting. but i don't want you to have to kick anyone out on my account... you're still in Eastlake, right?
yeah... I'm graduating 2 weeks from yesterday... scary!