hypoxia 2007

t minus 1 day, 9 hours, and counting until we leave for lake louise, for the 2007 international hypoxia symposia. i am really excited about this trip... it should be amazing. i'll only be gone for 5 nights, but it's going to be 2 *full* days of driving, 4 days of science, scenery, and skiing, and 5 nights of debauchery and fun with my white mountain buddies. woohoo!

check out our route. google maps makes it look like it's going to be hella pretty. i have never been to the canadian rockies before, but i was looking at pictures and satellite images online and it looks like i will not be disappointed. evidently they're some pretty impressive mountains.

so i'm sure i'll be taking lots of pictures, and there's wi-fi at the hostel, so i should be able to flickr stuff on the fly. the one thing that's going to be a bit harsh is the weather forecast - one day (tuesday?) the predicted high is -12 degrees C. that's like... 10 degrees Fahrenheit. BRRRR!!!

and now, for something completely random, my hand on a plate in negative color!
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