best weekend evar.

this morning i woke up, sat up, and saw the pacific ocean. that happened yesterday morning too. yesterday afternoon i spent in full rain gear, out on the tide flats, digging up razor clams with the entire citizenry of moclips, wa. i love the ocean.

after an entirely grey, rainy day, as i dug up my 15th clam (the limit) the sun broke through the clouds with an amazing deep pink-red sunset. the entire horizon, as well as the glistening sand on the beach and the waves as far as the eye could see, absolutely burned with this beautiful fiery red. it was amazing.

later last night, in between rain showers, i saw the milky way.

the only bummer of the weekend was my stupidity in not listening to brock's recommendation to leave cameras in the car when digging clams. i was patting down my pocket to reassure myself that the camera was still there when i felt something drop and saw a splash, then my camera about an inch underwater. FUCK. i took the batteries out and gave it to my friend who had a pocket that fastened better... but i still haven't tried to turn it on yet. salt water is not good for electronics. i'm holding out absolutely no hope for its resurrection; i figure that way i can only be pleasantly surprised if it still works.

so i need to buy a new camera now. i think what i might do is buy a new cellphone with a 2 or 3 mp camera (my old one was just 2 mps), and then when i graduate (or maybe before, depending on financial situations) buy myself a canon rebel xt. my aunt let me play with hers over christmas, and it was awesome. it's a perfect entry-level digital slr - and with the new version (the xti i think) out now, the older model is coming down in price. i found one online the other day for somewhere in the $200 range for the body... and i can get the lens that comes with the full camera package for like $150 off of ebay. like 400 bucks for a full-featured digital slr. fuck yeah.

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