so i actually got this a few weeks ago, but i just thought i'd post it because it's damn cool. it's a 4GB iPod nano, product[red] edition.
i'm not exactly sure why i decided to go for the red one, but something about the combination of the color, the vague social conscience connotations, and the fact that it was exactly the same price as the other 4GB nanos, but knowing that a whopping $10 from my purchase went to fighting aids in africa makes me feel... not good, but better, about my privleged place in the world.
if you can read that, you're overeducated*.

*ok, i'll tell you what it says. in the genetic code, in which DNA base sequence codes for amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), this sequence of bases codes for Lysine-Alanine-Threonine, or, using standard 1-letter codes, K-A-T. that's right, bitches, this is my iPod.

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waking jonas said...

after i bought my shuffle they came out with colors.

of course they did.