my friend kevin (whose couch i slept on in new york last summer) was in town for a microsoft interview, so he called me and we had dinner last night at elliot's oyster house. mmmm! oysters are tasty. we sat at the bar and chatted with the oyster guy (i'm sure he has a fancier name than that) about shellfish and seattle. he hooked us up with the last two of the ones on the bottom, the pretty round ones. they were super-tasty. but the icing on the cake was the champagne stuff in the middle. it's this icy, peppery really tasty frosty stuff made out of mumm's champagne and some other stuff. (sorry, i am so not a foodie... i should be able to describe that better.) anyway, it was yummy.

the picture was taken on my new camera phone. after the camera saltwater tragedy i figured it was as good a time as ever to upgrade my cellphone, especially since i was up for a contract renewal. so i signed my soul away to cingular for another 2 years, but i got a sweet sony ericsson w810i for just 75 bucks. it's got a 2 megapixel camera, which is the same as my old camera... slightly less zoom power, but definitely smaller. plus, it's two gadgets in one. plus, it's got video capabilities with a microphone, something my old camera was lacking, and it takes good pictures at high resolution. the downer is that it takes memory stick instead of SD (damn you and your proprietary formats sony!) so my 1gb SD card is no good, and i'm stuck with 128 mb unless i want to buy a memory stick. overall though, i have to say i am impressed. it's a great phone, and a pretty decent camera to boot. :D

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