february is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: new york fashion week. hell yes!

i don't exactly have time to flip through all the style.com slide shows, but i took a quick glance through Tuleh and DKNY - labels that I've loved in the past - and have to say, loving the fall 2007 looks so far. There was a lot of black and grey all around, especially in DKNY... but there were also splashes of color. And thank god fashion has gottten over the frilly victorian bent they've been off on for the past few years. (All images that follow are from DKNY.)

i love the lines on the top part of this outfit... the skirt is cute, too, but not something i'd ever wear. if i could just get the shirt, i would be happy.

love this one:

and agyness deyn is the hotness, so i had to include this one, even though it's not my favorite look of the show:

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Mike said...

Today I heard Tony Tisdale - Catwalkin' from the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, and you immediately came to mind.