proenza schouler? must be thursday.

it's those pants again! (style.com.) must get me a pair like this! i could wait and hope they put something like that in their FW07 line for Target (if they're doing a FW line for Target) or i could buy vintage. must go thrifting this weekend! i hit jackpot at the buffalo exchange last weekend and found a pair of shiny black trousers AND a pair of faded black jeans, both in straight/skinny leg, for a grand whopping total of $27. i was proud.

so, am i officially a geek yet, or am i going to have to pre-order this? that's right, joss whedon is writing a new comic book series that takes place after season 7 left off. the slayer epic continues! issue #1 hits the shelves on march 7, and he says he's shooting for a 25 to 30 issue series, with monthly issues. sweet! and then, there's this: a compendium, a veritable series of tomes of the buffyverse comics. That doesn't come out until july... actually, just 3 days before Deathly Hallows*. Plus, it starts out with a *faithful* comic-book adaptation of joss's original screenplay, the one that was produced as the B horror movie starring kristy swanson. i'm anxious to find out what joss really intended the story to be like. eeee! it's going to be an awesome summer.

hoom de hoom, don't be hasty. i'm trying to savor Season 7 of Buffy, since i know it's all the great live-action Buffy we'll have, at least for a good long while. but it's so hard, when the show is just so awesome. and what with my midterms over for the moment and me thoroughly ahead of the curve in all my classes, i have time for a little s&s (staking and slayage).

*I've been reconsidering my position on the does-Harry-die issue. I saw a quote by JK Rowling the other day that said something to the effect of, "I knew Harry's story would come to an end after 7 books." hmmmmmmmmmmm. maybe he does die. but probably not really DIE-die... or does he? *squeal* can't wait!

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