another good weekend. friday night we hung out with tessa, and went to the apple store for the tiger release party. it was crowded. and it turns out you can't get the student discount on software in the store, so we didn't buy it there. i ordered it online last week, anyway, and it should be here by friday. Hooray for tiger! i'm such a mac cultie now, it's scary.

This is the crowd in front of the apple store, circa 7pm. Crazy.

anyway, after we left the insanely crowded apple store, we met up with brian and went to chutney's for dinner. chutney's is in wallingford, in the wallingford center shopping center on the corner of 45th and Wallingford.* it is quite possibly almost definitely the best indian food i have ever tasted. plus they have a killer mango margarita. mmm coconut and farmer's cheese curry. :) and it was rad hanging out with tessa - whenever brian and jared started talking about code or servers or networking tessa and i would start talking about shoes. i've needed another female for quite some time.

yesterday was fun as well - we hopped the bus downtown, so jared could buy new shoes at the new balance store. they look like pretty cool shoes, and they're like, real running shoes, too, so they support your foot for walking really well. i'm thinking about going back there next month after i get paid again and buying myself a pair (they make them for women too, and they come in all sorts of awesome colors). i have a rack full of stupid shoes, i need to get me a pair of smart shoes.

Speaking of stupid shoes, I bought a pair of purple ribboned espadrilles at shoes.com. They should be here soon - they shipped on Friday. I'm stoked, they are so cute.

in other news, getting into the class i want this summer is going to be a little iffy. i have to wait for them to mail me my registration info, and then I have to wait until "registration period 3" which i am not sure what that means, because during registration periods one and two, non matriculated students (which would include me, since I havenn't been accepted yet) are not allowed to sign up for the class. i'm really starting to stress about my admissions - when I applied I indicated that i wanted a much more selective major, and often they are less inclined to admit students that might not get into their major. but if i don't get in, i guess i'll just turn around and apply for winter quarter admissions. i'll be like rudy - they have to admit me at some point, right?

we also stopped at american apparel again yesterday. i need to stop going there, because i could really buy the whole goddamn store. (well, except for the shirts in yellow and orange. i can't wear those colors.) I bought a purple and a pink tee, and a blue jersey scarf, and a sustainable edition boybeater. the sustainable edition one is made from 100% certified organically grown cotton. i think that's rad.

i think it's time for us to procure breakfast. jared's been up since 8:30 and still hasn't eaten anything.

* i just used the word "wallingford" three times in a sentence. i miss living there, and every time i go back it's like i'm back home. maybe someday i'll get to move back there - the houses in that neighborhood are nice, and if i ever could afford one that would be sweet.


Tiffany said...

I hate you and your new rad shoes. Actually I don't hate you, I just have shoe envy. I want a pair kind of like that but with the closed toes so I can tramp around like it is 1967, but not in Bellingham.

Mike said...

U Village: Old and busted.
Wallingord: New hotness.

waking jonas said...

hooray for shoes! hooray for not servers!