i've been exploring a lot of productivity helpers recently, to find a method that helps me to get stuff done. i'm not completely sold on getting things done, but it's a start... i'm also exploring backpack, which seems like a neat idea. it syncs with iCal format stuff, too, so i'm thinking about starting to use ical more, especially since you can isync ical with the ipod. i haven't tried the hipster pda really, but it's an idea that i'm toying around with as well. i bought a purse-sized notebook, and it's really handy, but the fact that all the pages are bound together doesn't help with organization.

i guess my main goal for this organizational kick, at work, is to get this job organized and simplified so that when i leave, whoever takes over for me has somewhere to start. god knows they just threw me into the middle of it, and i've had to make sense of it, but i think i'm doing that pretty well, given the circumstances. it's mostly because training the floater has made me realize just what a pain in the ass it is to train someone on a job, and that you'd better be at least a little organized.

and now, for your viewing pleasure: the slacker manifesto. why slackers make the best employees. :D

on another note, izze is the best drink evar.

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