an open letter to miss tyra banks

Dear Tyra,
Two years ago, you brought forth to our television wasteland the best reality TV show ever created. With a limited casting budget (and indeed a limited production budget) you managed to find a cast of gorgeous, thoughtful, witty, independent women, who only grew more interesting (for better or worse) as the show went on. Every one of them had personality, with the possible exception of Gisele, and we enjoyed watching them argue, pray, suffer, freeze, strut and pose.
With each successive season, the casting budget and audience has grown. Now you have national casting calls, television advertisements, and a much bigger group of girls sending in video tapes and photos. The thing that astounds me is the fact that, with this ever-widening pool to choose from, the cast each season gets markedly worse. Granted, you found a Cover Girl in Eva. She is a dynamic personality that we love to see on TV. We rooted for her from day 1, and she hasn't disappointed. But this season, there was no one with such a dynamic personality - we had boredom, shyness, and arrogance, but not charisma. And there was no mystery about who would win - following the opinion polls from week to week, Naima was a clear front-runner, no matter how much the judges seemed to hate her personality. And so, while watching the finale, when I found myself wondering, "What if Naima DOESN'T win?" I knew that this show had hit rock bottom. Reality TV is not supposed to be predictable and safe. Naima has the personality of a rock. Sure, she's got a mohawk, and I respect that, but honestly, I thought the entire cast of this season sucked ass. Oh, and when you stuck them in front of a teleprompter? That's when I knew this season sucked ass. Not one of them could read! Not one!
So, seriously, Tyra, you need to re-examine your entire casting process. Fire the casting director. Go with the method you used to cast Season 1. Somehow, even though there were only a few thousand applicants, you managed to find a stellar group of people. How is it that with a larger pool to select from, the quality of applicants has gone down the toilet?
Anyway, that's my rant. Tyra, you're disappointing me. Oh, and if you want me for the 6th season, you know where to contact me.


Mike said...

Eva - old and busted.
Naima - new hotness.

kat said...

Naima is hot, no question, but she has no personality! (I'm still bitter they didn't pick me.)

Anonymous said...

Tyra is the biggest poser on tv. I am going to charter a plane and put all these celebs and reality stars on it and fly it into a mountain. Tom Cruise is flying and Tyra's sitting shotgun.