my computer needs a cupholder. i mean really, where am i supposed to put my glass of wine while i'm typing a blog entry? it's too bad my cd drive is a slot instead of a tray... lol.

had a rehearsal tonight for the neodandi show... it's really coming together. we rehearsed tonight for the first time at trinity, where the show is... it is a fucking tight club. awesome furniture. i'm really getting stoked for the show. it'll also be kind of nice to be done with rehearsals for awhile. maybe i can start going to yoga again once a week or something. though i'll really be sad for it to be over, because then i won't really have a project.

though i did have an interview on friday with a guy whose friend is starting up this t-shirt company. no guarantees, but it's a lead. plus, i'd get some portfolio shots out of the deal.

i just got an email from the university of washington about an info session for the fulbright fellowship. because international relations is my bag, baby. though it did make me feel like a student again, to be getting spam about scholarships.

i am really getting antsy to go back to school. i'm about a fifth (F! I! F! FIF!) of the way through my fun little pretend biology textbook* and have just learned about the krebs (citric acid) cycle and glycolysis. it rings a bell, but seriously, i just don't absorb complex chemical reaction pathways without cute flash animations. i need to find some of those.

*the fun little pretend biology textbook is not really pretend, it's just little. and fun. i ordered it off of amazon because it was written by the prof that i'll theoretically have for bio 180, and it was only 15 bucks, but when it got here i discovered that it was an abridged edition for the university of texas. i got a good laugh out of that, they need abridged textbooks down there in austin, 'cause them t-sips can't read so good. heh. but, abridged or no, it's a good review since it's been 4? years since AP bio and 5 years since AP chem. I FEEL OLD NOW. (Doesn't help that the National Merit Scholarship Program sent me a little form letter saying that they thought I might be graduating this quarter so would I mind filling out a few questions? NO. I'M NOT GRADUATING. THIS IS BECAUSE I AM A DUMBASS WHO CAN'T HACK IT AT STANFORD. Anything else?)

Sigh. I just want to be learning again. The girl at Starbucks asked me the other day if I was taking Biology. I just said yes. I figured the truth was too complicated.


Becky said...

I tell people that I am a CS major b/c the truth is too complicated. I also tell them that I'm graduating in December b/c the truth is also too complicated :)

waking jonas said...

i don't usually explain that i was a creative writing major. because people can usually just tell because it is reflected deep in my eyes, and in my lower middle class clothing and disrespect for grammar.

Mike said...
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Mike said...
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Mike said...

I like to tell people lies because the truth is too boring.

Also, it took me two or three tries to spell everything right in this damn comment. That tends to throw people off my trail.