so the big show was last night, and it was absolutely awesome. pandemonium backstage, excellence onstage. i wasn't supposed to be in the finale, and i didn't rehearse that part at all, but then at the last minute, the designer handed me an outfit and told me to put it on. fuck yeah. so that was cool.

what wasn't cool was the fact that my camera batteries died after just one shot backstage. fortunately lots of other people got pictures, so i should be getting some of those soon, once they are uploaded. i also got a bunch of professional shots taken once i got done with hair and makeup, and also during the show, and backstage, so with any luck i can get some copies of those as well. i'm hoping to get a few 8x11 glossies out of those shots too, so i can start building a portfolio. might have to pay for those, but hey, if they're good pics i'll pay.

so i'll post more on the show once i get some pictures.

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