good lazy sunday music: the verve remixed series from itunes. i just downloaded volume 3 and am highly impressed. it's great classic jazz vocalists, remixed by the most talented turntablists around. it's great.

t minus 4 days and counting until the neodandi show. i'm getting progressively more and more stoked. also i am looking forward to it being over so i have my evenings back. but the show is thursday... please come!! you know you wanna. plus, there's an after-hours party at a studio in pioneer square. it's gonna be awesome. friday is SO going to be a sick day.

meh. i learned myself about chemical evolution this past week. i'm reading a bio textbook for the hell of it. now i'm learning about cell structure and the function of various parts of the cell. mostly a review so it's not hard, but there's a lot that i've forgotten that i'd like to remember before jumping headfirst into the bio core.

other cool things from this weekend: pies and pints on 65th. ran around green lake (2.8 miles). go me. we're talking about training for a 5k later this summer. also, cooked dinner with jared tonight. god knows we're terrible about actually doing that. we're trying to get better.

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