You'd think my goldfish weren't getting enough to eat, watching them attack the algae wafer i dropped into my tank to feed Seamus, my plecostomus. But no, they aren't going hungry, they're just goldfish. Goldfish do three things: eat, swim, and poop. They're just damn entertaining when they do the first two of those, at least. They're getting bigger, too, which excites me. I can tell Agent Scully is way happier in 20 gallons than she was in 1 gallon, and the other two new fish (Marcellus Wallace and Orange Fish) are doing awesome too. Such happy little swimmy goldfish.

this brings me to my second thought. I need a digital camera, badly. i want to have a photo blog. My life is far more visually interesting now than it was 3 years ago when i started this blog (holy shit, it HAS been that long. Check the archive links on the side for proof). I want to post pictures of my kitty being goofy on catnip, my goldfish fighting over algae wafers, my new bookshelf and room, and all that fun stuff. Maybe even photo-j my daily commute, or interesting things in the neighborhood, of which there are plenty. I wish I could have documented the fire in the building behind us from the beginning - or at least the aftermath - because now they're pretty much done cleaning up and they'll probably start rebuilding soon. I wish I could show you the view from Gasworks Park at sunset. I need a digital camera, and that's that.

But I must not buy one until I've paid off my snowboard boots and my ipod and at least most of my computer. Me having a credit card is kind of a bad thing.

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