Ugh, it's Monday again. How does this keep happening to me? At least it's over... work pretty much sucked today as I realized I have too much to get done before the end of the week, and not enough time to do it. Plus it's the end of the month which means rent is due on Frida. And it's a new month, so I have to get a new bus pass. Yuck. Which means I have to keep my spending as low as possible until next Friday, since my new digital camera took a big old bite out of my last paycheck, and there was almost none left when I got paid last friday. Yargh, biweekly paychecks can blow sometimes.

At least I don't have the costs of a brand new kitten... why didn't we take pictures of Maxwell this weekend, Jared??

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Anonymous said...

Yah. You need to take some pictures so I can see this new kitty that Jared's been talking about. While you're at it, throw up some pics of Radical Edward, too. :)

~Ruben (that co-worker guy... (if you didn't know) hehe)