Work blew today. I feel like taking each and every person from accounts payable and ripping their hairs out one by one. and then their toenails. gaaaah. they like to "lose" and "not pay" invoices. pardon me if i'm wrong, but isn't "paying" "invoices" by definition the purpose of having an accounts payable department? Fuckers. And then they went and moved their customer service line onto the general Employee Service Center. So basically I can't talk to anyone in the same building as AP, much less someone in the same room. So I have no way of verifying what the fuck they're doing there. And it drives me nuts. GAAAAH.

anyway. fuck work.

i wish i knew of a way to pay for school, and whether i was going to get in, so that i could start a "days until i'm quitting this damn job" countdown. but, as long as money and admissions are up in the air, i'm suffering in that place indefinitely. hooray.


Anonymous said...

What are you going to go to school for?

Don't sweat work. Money is money :) At least you're not flippin' burgers somewhere. Thought sometimes I wonder if corperate work isn't just as bad. ...but when I come home and don't smell like beef fat, I'm somewhat content.

-Ruben (Stomping through your blog again... muwahahaha)

kat said...

art, theoretically. it's kind of an issue, though, because i'm 21 and i don't know what the hell i want to do with my life. i either want to be a superstar designer and retire early, or become a high school art teacher. or both. plus some other things.