So I was chillin on the bus on my way home from work today, listening to some Death Cab ('cuz i was in an emo mood) on my 'pod, when these two skater punk high school kids get on and sit down next to me. we're in the three-seater at the back of the bus that faces sideways, so there's three across here, with three others sitting opposite us. i notice as they get on that one of them has white cords hanging down from his ears inside his hoodie. and then after they sit down, the other kid pulls out his shiny white metallic device and plugs white wires into HIS ears. the two of them start laughing and rocking out to their music together, like, look what WE have! so i'm getting self conscious and tired of death cab, so i pull out MY ipod and start changing the tunes. Then i notice the guy sitting across from us laughing. we must have looked like a real-life apple commercial or something. i tried hard not to laugh for awhile and then i got into my music and forgot all about those suckers, because that's what an ipod is for, tuning out unnecessary information.

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Anonymous said...

LoL. That's great. This is one of the reasons I'm hesitent about buying my own Ipod. However, as Jared continues to preach, they're pretty damn cool. Maybe the next big sales pitch will be covers for Ipods to disgues them as something else :P :) They've already got the case colors.

R (uben)