Man, you know shit's fucked up when humanitarian organizations are pulling out of iraq. The country is becoming too dangerous for them to be there due to more and more groups kidnapping people. It seems like it's a downward slope, things aren't getting any better than they were a year ago, with Americans retreating from Fallujah (and I don't even want to think about how many people have died there). In the past week the American death toll passed the 1,000 - and here's a scary fact: that is higher than the death toll for the first three years of the Vietnam war. Or, rather, of the first three years American troops were in Vietnam. The Iraqi death toll estimated to be around 12 times that - here's a website with the statistics. That's some fucked up shit.

I guess there is some masochistic side of me that wants things to get bad for a few years. not elsewhere, not in Iraq, not in Russia, but here at home. Americans are so convinced that the way they live now is how it's going to be forever, or that things are only going to get better from here... look at the Republicans' predictions on the economy, and how wrong they've been for the past few years, but everyone keeps looking forward and thinking things will get better. You know what? They aren't, especially if Bush is re-elected.

That's another thing I'm working on coming to terms with - Bush's reelection. It's not that I'm losing hope, it's... that... I'm losing hope. don't get me wrong, I'm still going to vote, and be just as fucking adamant about making my friends vote, as I have been, but it's an uphill battle. But what happens if W does get reelected? Do I flee the country in November? I can't. I don't have enough points for canadian citizenship and I don't have the cash or family elsewhere (i.e. western europe) to run off there. I guess what I'll have to do is stay here and fight the power with whatever means i can.

Fuck the Man. Yes, I did just say that on my blog. Homeland Security, do me your worst.

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